Strawberry Peach Smoothie on This Gal Cooks

Strawberry Peach Smoothie

Grab a straw and sip on a healthy dairy free Strawberry Peach Smoothie. I'm dreaming of cool drinks, drier air, mountains and tons of great food. All of those things I'm dreaming of will become reality once I start vacation next week. Great food and cool drinks happen often in Florida. But dry air is a treat whenever it decides to grace us with its presence. And the only mountains … [Read More...]

Slow Cooker Tex Mex Soup on This Gal Cooks

Slow Cooker Tex Mex Soup

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So I'm sitting here eating this soup and I'm like damn, this is some good soup. I'm enjoying it with a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich filled with three slices of gooey melted cheese. Do I have … [Read More...]