Best Ever Banana Pudding Pie

Best Ever Banana Pudding Pie on This Gal Cooks

Let's all stop what we're doing and eat some Banana Pudding Pie. I know I say this a lot but seriously, this pie, it's pretty freaking amazing. I took one of my favorite childhood desserts and made it into a pie. A flaky pie crust is filled with a mixture of vanilla pudding, Cool Whip, … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Potato Ham and Leek Soup

Slow Cooker Potato Ham and Leek Soup from This Gal Cooks

It's in the midst of summer and I'm all about soups. Especially creamy tasty soups like this Slow Cooker Potato Ham and Leek Soup. We're coming to the end of the second annual #SlowCookerWeek which means the Las Vegas vacation is quickly approaching Ken and I. Before I get to vacation, let's do a … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Tex Mex Soup

Slow Cooker Tex Mex Soup on This Gal Cooks

So I'm sitting here eating this soup and I'm like damn, this is some good soup. I'm enjoying it with a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich filled with three slices of gooey melted cheese. Do I have your attention now? Thought so. In case you missed the memo, this week is #SlowCookerWeek. I've … [Read more...]

Easy Italian Shrimp Tortellini Bake

Italian Shrimp Tortellini Bake on This Gal Cooks #dinner

I went a little overboard with the sweets this week so I figured it was time to share an easy to make savory dish. This Italian Shrimp Tortellini Bake is equally as easy to make as this Twenty Minute Easy Tortellini Bake and this Skillet Pizza Pasta Bake. It's on the table in 30 minutes so … [Read more...]

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Pudding Pie

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Pudding Pie3

I told you about my current sweets craze/obsession when I shared this Twix Ice Cream Pie yesterday. Now I'm going to talk about an equally crazy good, sinfully delicious no bake pie: Cookies and Cream Chocolate Pudding Pie. What was your favorite type of ice cream when you were a kid? Mine - … [Read more...]

Twix Ice Cream Pie

Twix Ice Cream Pie on This Gal Cooks #dessert

This pie. Crazy freaking good. Ken's birthday was last week. He likes ice cream. A lot. He also likes carrot cake but this post isn't about carrot cake, it's about ice cream. So we're gonna talk about ice cream today and we'll talk about carrot cake another time. Once day I was walking around … [Read more...]

Caprese Chicken Orzo Salad

Caprese Chicken Orzo Salad

The wonderful flavors of the traditional caprese salad come together to give you this Caprese Chicken Orzo Salad. Enjoy as a main dish or paired with your favorite entree. Remember my quest to eat meat free?  That quest has ended. I ate meat last week. And I ate this salad yesterday. It has … [Read more...]