Cucumber Noodles + Spicy Sesame Soy Dressing

Cucumber Noodles with Sesame Soy Dressing

Cucumber noodles are incredible. If you’ve never had them,  you need to go try them right now.

It’s ok if you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying cucumber noodles. I won’t judge. How could I? It’s not like I ever had them until about a week ago. Sometimes I question why I’ve waited so long in my life to try certain things. Well, if you want to call 32 years a long time, then we can say I waited a long time. But in reality, 32 years really isn’t a long time. But I think it’s a long time after I try certain foods for the first time.

WAIT? You’ve never had a cucumber before? Yes, silly. I’ve had a cucumber before. In fact, I’ve had cucumbers many times. Just not in noodle form.

Cucumber Noodles with Sesame Soy Dressing

Cucumber Noodles with Sesame Soy Dressing

I decided to give cucumber noodles a try after seeing this Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce recipe by Two Peas & Their Pod. The recipe mentioned that a julienne peeler could be used to make the noodles. YES! I have one of those, I exclaimed. **update** I now own a spiralizer and use it for spiralizing cucumbers. It makes like so much easier.

This recipe was easy to make and came together in under 20 minutes. It’s flavorful, low fat and low calorie. You may serve it as a side dish or enjoy it as a light main dish.

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Cucumber Noodles + Spicy Sesame Soy Dressing
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: Asian
Serves: 6
  • 3 medium to large cucumbers
  • 2 large carrot, peeled
For the dressing:
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Juice from half a lime
  • ½ tbsp mirin
  • ½ C soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger
  • 1 - 2 tsp sriracha
  • 1 tsp honey
  • Cilantro for garnish
  • Red pepper flakes for garnish
  1. Using a julienne peeler, slice the cucumbers. Do this by laying the cucumber and carrots down lengthwise and running the peeler across the top of the cucumbers and then carrots. For the cucumbers, once you get near the seeds, rotate it and repeat the process. Place the noodles in a bowl.
  2. Make the dressing by whisking the remaining ingredients, minus the cilantro and red pepper flakes, together in a jar. You probably won't need to use all of the dressing but you can store it in the refrigerator in an air tight container for 7 days.
  3. Toss the noodles in your desired amount of dressing and serve in bowls. Garnish with the cilantro and red pepper flakes.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 C Calories: 80 Fat: 3g Carbohydrates: 10g Protein: 3g

Cucumber Noodles with Sesame Soy Dressing


  1. says

    Julie…I had to laugh because you’re right… 32 years isn’t a long time. Wait til you wait 52 years to try something as awesome as these cucumber noodles!! I mean…who knew??? I cannot wait to give this a try! It’s one of those V8 moments when you slap your hand upside your head…like, why didn’t I think of that!!!
    Wonderful post! I can’t wait to try this… :-)

    • says

      I’m sure my tastes will change as the years go on! I used to hate oysters…well I thought I did. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. But one day my boyfriend talked me into trying them and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I was just thinking darn, I’ve been missing out all these years!

      Thanks for stopping by, Purdy!

  2. says

    I saw that same post by Two Peas in their Pod and I’ve been wanting to try cucumber noodles ever since! I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but now after seeing these I think I need to try them soon! I don’t think I have a spiral slicer or a julienne peeler, so I guess I will have to go get one! Your sauce sounds amazing :)

    • says

      You really should try them soon. The julienne peeler is definitely cheaper and will work but if you have the $40 to spend, I’d go straight for the spiralizer. I think once I get one of those I will turn into the veggie noodle queen. ;)

  3. says

    Wow what an amazing recipe. I am waaaaaaay older than you are and this is my introduction to cucumber noodles. I don’t have texture issues, so I like the idea of the carrots. And a mighty fine dressing to boot. It is soooo great to eat ‘pasta’ without worrying about the calories and the carbs. Lol

    • says

      I’m so weird with the textures. I can eat the peels on cucumbers when they are diced but I didn’t like having the peels in the noodles. It was a tedious task to pick out the noodles without the peels – but it was worth it for me. I love raw carrots too but just not as noodles. LOL.

      Hope you enjoy the recipe, Carol! :)

  4. says

    gah! another reason I can’t wait for mine to arrive here in the mail! This looks lovely. Though I reckon if you pass me siracha soy and lime, I’d eat whatever’s under it :)

    • says

      Thank you, Rachel! I really need to get a spiralizer. I would probably make this and other similar dishes if I had one! I used my julienne peeler for this and it was kinda a pain in the butt but not too bad to use. But a spiralizer would be so much easier to use!

  5. Celeste Gutt says

    Am anxious to try this..looks amazing…got for christmas a julieannier and am ready to try this recipes and a bunch of others that see out there on the web…sauce sounds great…yup yup

  6. says

    This was excellent! My husband doesn’t like ginger, so we left it out. We used our Spiralizer on the large noodle setting and we were pleased with the results. We will definitely make this again!

    • says

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for letting me know that you tried the recipe. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I need to get a bigger spiralizer so I can try out different sized noodles, and make them easier, too.


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