Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

Let’s dig into a bowl of this bacon ranch pasta salad.

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is a simple side dish recipe that pairs well with your favorite steak, chicken or seafood recipe. | This Gal Cooks

Because what bacon lover can resist a creamy pasta salad filled with BACON?

How was Halloween? Unfortunately, we did not get very many trick-or-treaters this year. Friday night Halloween was filled with many events so people chose to go to those events rather than to trick-or-treat. Sad face over here. But we still had fun. We mingled with the neighbors, drank good beer and welcomed the cooler weather that slowly crept in that night. On Saturday, we went to the Jupiter car show and checked out cool classic cars. Then on the way home we picked up some Chinese food. I’ve been craving Chinese food for DAYS so the Chinese food made my Saturday complete. On Sunday I did some baking and made a fudge recipe with some of the GOBS of candy we have left. I’ll be sharing it later this week! So overall, the weekend was fantastic.

About pasta salad. I like making pasta salads because they are so simple to make. I’ve made this Grilled Salmon and Vegetable Orzo Salad, this Caprese Chicken Orzo Salad and this Bacon Parmesan Pasta Salad, to name a few. All were hits at my house and I bet they will be hits at your house, too.

Things to know about this Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad.

  • It’s creamy.
  • You can make it with homemade ranch seasoning/dressing.
  • It’s great served alongside a burger or grilled chicken.
  • You can make a meal out of it.
  • It’s full of BACON.
  • You can sub the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt for a tangy, lower calorie option.
  • Did I say bacon?

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

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Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: salad
Serves: 4 Cups
  • 8oz large pasta shells
  • 1 C cooked crumbled bacon
  • ⅓ C ranch dressing
  • ⅓ C mayo
  • ½ C diced English cucumber
  • ½ tbsp ranch dressing seasoning mix
  • 1 tbsp diced pimento
  • 2 tbsp fresh chives, chopped, plus more for garnish
  1. Cook the pasta according to package directions. Drain and cool. I cool mine quicker by leaving the pasta in my colander and putting some ice in the colander.
  2. Once the pasta is cooled, place it in a large mixing bowl with the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Garnish with fresh chives, if desired.
To make homemade ranch dressing and seasoning mix, try this ranch seasoning recipe from Gimme Some Oven.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ½ C Calories: 250 Fat: 16g Carbohydrates: 4g Sugar: 1g Sodium: 522mg Protein: 7g

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is a simple side dish recipe that pairs well with your favorite steak, chicken or seafood recipe. | This Gal Cooks



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  1. says

    We had a Halloween party this year, which was a lot of fun, even though I always stress the costume part, and I was bummed that we weren’t home to hand out candy! Always next year though! LOVE this pasta salad. Bacon and ranch together on pasta sounds PERFECT and the best kind of way to handle Mondays! Haha! :)

  2. says

    We didn’t have many trick-or-treaters either. We only had ONE! And now I have all this candy sitting on my counter, calling my name! Ugh.

    This pasta salad looks delicious! My kids’ favorite food is anything with ranch so I know the whole family will love it!

    • says

      What was up with Halloween this year? I’ve heard so many people saying they barely got any trick-or-treaters. We always run out of candy and had almost an entire bucket left! Ah well, more candy for me! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!

  3. says

    We have trick or treaters from far and wide in our neighborhood and all I wanted to do was go with my boys.

    My MEAL would be this pasta salad! It looks scrumptious!

    • says

      Yay! Glad someone got some trick-or-treaters because so many people have been saying they didn’t get any! Thank you for stopping by, Paula! Hope you have a great week!

  4. says

    Julie, definitely drooling all over this pasta salad… so divine!
    I was really surprised there were hardly any trick or treaters out on a Friday night, too. Hope you’re having a most wonderful week so far! ;)

    • says

      Thank you, Gloria! This is totally drool-worthy and inducing, isn’t it? But then again, when is something with bacon not drool-worthy? Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week, too!

  5. says

    I am a massive pasta salad fan, this is definitely one that I can see making an appearance on my table. Thanks for the great recipe – looks super delicious.. especially with all that creamy sauce and bacon!

  6. says

    Our Halloween was great, even though we don’t get any trick-or-treaters here, since we live in the country. We made donuts, drank cider, and watched movies:) Loving this bacon ranch pasta and how creamy it looks!

  7. Molly says

    Made this for a work party (doubled it). Everyone LOVED it. I had so many people request the recipe already. Thank you so very much! It was amazing and so easy to make!

  8. Jason says

    HI Julie, i like salads since i was a kid, it sounds like a delicious meal anytime of the day, thanks for your recipe at Share It One More Time.
    I’m featuring this amazing recipe in my post in order to make it for my families, so I definitely made these yesterday, they look so good, i like easy recipe
    Yum yum!!

  9. Sara says

    I have made this pasta salad almost a dozen times now and it is always a big hit! One thing I added was a hand full of diced cheese. Cheese, bacon, pasta- yumm!

    • says

      Hi Sara! I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe. Thank you for stopping by to let me know. Great idea to add cheese, because CHEESE!


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