Cheap Wall Art Redo

Today I decided to go to a few stores and thrift shops. My first stop was Home Goods. It was a great day to shop there! I found a lot of great deals, including two framed wall art items that were on clearance for $2 each. I didn’t really like the design of the art, but I loved the frames, so I figured I could change it and I did just that!



This project was pretty simple. I bought some starfish shells while I was at Hobby Lobby and then I collected a few supplies when I got home:
Hot Glue Gun
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg
Paint Brush
Masking Tape
I place masking tape around the inside edge of the frames so I wouldn’t get any paint on the frames. Then I gave the actual art part 2 coats of paint. After the paint dried, I removed the masking tape and made any needed touch-ups. I then applied hot glue to the backs of the starfish shells and placed them on the wall art.  It was pretty simple!
I hope you enjoyed this project. Please feel free to leave a comment. They are always appreciated! :)


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    Hi Amie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the follow! I'll be sure to stop by and share this project with your party. Thanks for the invite. :)

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    Love this! I was just at Home Goods today and was sad that all the art on clearance wasn't my taste. Starfish are totally my taste and I am doing this soon!

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    I often see stuff in clearance that I don't like. These original pieces were just that! But they were cheap enough so I took advantage of the deal and redid them to my liking! Next time you see any clerence art that's super cheap, buy it! You may be able to make it awesome one day! :)

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    This is so kewl… I TOTALLY LOVE THIS… I have to pin this… what an adorable idea…

    Thanks for sharing…

    Thank you for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!


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    Julie Ann, This is awesome; I love that you gave it a complete makeover for so cheap! Thanks for sharing on Saturday Show & Tell at Cheerios and Lattes last weekend! We love having you join us and hope to see you again this weekend! See you soon!
    Mackenzie :)

  6. Kim @ Plumberry Pie says

    fabulous project! thanks for stopping by plumberry pie yesterday! i appreciate your kind comment and the follow! :) just started following you! have a good one!

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