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Weekend Projects and Food Fun

This weekend is my boyfriend’s (his name is Ken so if you ever see mention of a Ken in any of my blog posts, that’s who I’m referring to) birthday so what are we doing to celebrate? Having a BBQ!  You know how men are when it comes to grilling or smoking food – they love it. So he will be smoking some meat (most likely ribs and a Boston Butt Roast) and I will be making some delicious sides, including cole slaw, cornbread, baked beans and my super delicious 4 cheese mac n cheese! I will also be making cupcakes for the occassion, either Carrot Cake Cupcakes or some wonderful Pistachio Cupcakes that I found over at The Mandatory Mooch. So be sure to stay tuned for recipes later this weekend!

Some projects that I will be working on this weekend are redoing a cheap, laminate bookcase that came from Wal-Mart, some 4th of July greeting cards, finishing up my 4th of July wreath and working on the two nightstand tables that I am refinishing. I will be sure to share these wonderful projects once they are completed.

Have a great Thursday and weekend, everyone!

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