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Summertime Printable Freebie

It’s almost Summertime! Since I just started dabbling into the world of printables, I made this free Summertime Printable. I hope you enjoy it!

Fun In The Sun

Click Here for a Printable PDF File

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Summer. How do you plan to spend the day? I’ll be at work but at least it will be Friday! This weekend will be a busy one for me. We are leaving for a mini vacation on Thursday so I will have a lot of stuff to do this weekend: school work, cleaning, BLOGGING! I have to make sure everything that I usually get done on the weekends is done this weekend for TWO weekends! But I’m not really complaining. I am totally looking forward to this vacation. Oh did I mention where we are going? We’re going to the Keys! Islamorada to be specific.

Here’s a picture of us kayaking in the Keys in 2011. 


Where will you be going on your vacation this year?

I created this printable with Summer in mind. This would be great to use as a tabletop decoration, framed wall art, to spruce up your desk at work (and make you long to be at the beach rather than your desk) or to use in a fun table setting for a party.

The normal size of this printable is 8×10 but I think you can reduce the size a little without distorting it. But bear with me, this is my first ever printable creation so if there are any errors, please leave me a kind word to let me know!

I hope you enjoy this Summertime Printable Freebie! Have a wonderful day!

Feeling hungry? Here are a few recipes that will make you happy. 

White Chocolate Blueberry Bars

White Chocolate Blueberry Bars from #blueberries #oatbars wm


Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bites

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bites from #cheesecake #grainfreecrust 2 wm


Easter M&M Cookies (I know it isn’t Easter but the colors are fun!)

Easter M&M Cookies from 2 wm

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8 comments on “Summertime Printable Freebie”

  1. Such a fun printable. Love it, Julie!! Pinning!

    • Thank you so much, Claire! And thank you for inviting me to participate in the printables thing. I had so much fun creating this!

  2. Totally love this Julie. Super cute!

  3. That’s awesome Julie! I love how you even have a camera in your hand when you’re floating in the water :) I hope you have a relaxing weekend away!!!

    • Thanks, Lisa! It actually isn’t my camera. It was my friend’s camera. She had my old point and shoot and snapped the photo for me with the point and shoot! But it is pretty rad, right?!

      We will be gone next weekend so you might not hear much from me for a few days at that time. :)

  4. I’m loving this printable! (Pinning) Yes, I noticed the first thing what Lisa noticed…your camera by the water! Too funny! We are taking the lovely children on a road trip this summer to go see a ROCK show in Co.! (The Carnival of Madness Tour) Perfect little vacay for the family… (=

  5. Julie, I just love this fun summer printable! You did a great job with this and it perfectly captures the spirit and feeling of everything we love about summer! Thanks for sharing and pinning. :)