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Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake

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Let’s celebrate the end of school with a tasty Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake.

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake on This Gal Cooks

Today is the very last day of school for me.

Tonight, along with my class group, I will present my client with the marketing packet that we created for them and then I will be done with school. I will be a graduate of a bachelors degree in Organizational Management. Oh the relief I will feel to not have to worry about school work anymore.

A while back I mentioned that I was accepted into an MBA program. I’ve decided to put that on hold. The cost of attendance is astronomical and I think I wanted to do the program for all the wrong reasons. Distinction. Being able to add MBA to the end of my name when I sign my signature. Those aren’t great reasons to pursue and MBA and they do not justify  going into debt close to $30k. To some people, those reasons probably justify the cost well enough. But for me, they do not.

I’m ready to pursue my career, to begin my career. I don’t quite understand it but having that degree makes me feel like I’ve reached a new beginning. I’ve been working in the business field for nearly 14 years and for a good chunk of that time, I was also pursuing my degree. But now that I am finished with school,  I feel like I’m ready to totally jump into the business world and devote the time and commitment to my job that I never totally put forth before. Working full time and, at times, taking on a full-time course load can really wear a gal down.

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake on This Gal Cooks

So cheers to a new beginning and cue the Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake celebration time.

This shake, it’s pretty freaking amazing. I wouldn’t call it a healthy shake but I would call it a healthier shake. It’s not low fat nor is it sugar free but it’s full of probiotics, thanks to Lifeway Kefir Low Fat Cultured Milk Smoothies. I picked up a 32oz bottle of the strawberry flavored Lifeway Kefir Smoothie from the dairy section at my local Winn Dixie. Being the food blogger that I am, I pondered what #KefirCreations I would make with this. Of course, I could just drink it as is, because it tastes pretty darn good, but I wanted to make something with it.

photo (8).jpg

Somehow a package of Oreo cookies made it into my basket as I was shopping. Ultimately, some of those Oreo cookies made it into the shake that I’m sharing with you today. So did some vanilla ice cream and a little of the Lifeway Strawberry Kefir Smoothie. I threw all of those things into my blender, poured into two glasses and then topped with whipped cream, crushed Oreos and SPRINKLES. Then I went to town. So did Ken. I think he liked it. I think you will too. Enjoy the recipe and get a coupon for Lifeway Kefir here.

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake

Yield: 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 3 C vanilla ice cream
  • 1 1/2 C Lifeway Strawberry Kefir Smoothie (use less if you want a thicker shake)
  • 2 - 3 whole frozen strawberries
  • 5 Oreo cookies
  • Whipped Cream
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Sprinkles


  1. Place the vanilla ice cream, Lifeway Kefir Smoothie, frozen strawberries and 5 Oreo cookies into a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into two 10oz glasses and top with whipped cream, crushed Oreos and sprinkles, if desired.


serving size is approximate

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake on This Gal Cooks

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake on This Gal Cooks

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake on This Gal Cooks


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29 comments on “Strawberry Cookies and Cream Kefir Shake”

  1. That is so awesome, congrats Julie!! And what a delicious way to celebrate – this shake looks amazing!! I’ll have to try the strawberry Lifeway Kefir next! Pinned!

  2. Congratulations Julie!!! What an awesome accomplishment, and a relief that it’s over. That shake looks like the perfect way to celebrate. :)

  3. YUM – If I subbed out the ice cream for fro yo this could be totally lactose free! looks amazing

  4. Looks yummy, Julie!

  5. Yum I bet this was good! I like Kefir, the bottle is pretty big for the price which is even better.

  6. Congratulations Julie!!! What a great achievement. Definitely worth celebrating with a glass of this beautiful shake :)

  7. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting, I’m sure it’s such a relief to be done! These seem very fitting to celebrate with!

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  9. Julie,
    YES! you got the degree!!!!
    Let me be one of the many to raise the kefir shake in a toast to your success!


    God bless you on such a auspicious event and may you live long and prosper!!



  10. Congratulations on finishing, Julie! It must be such a relief to be done. I can never pass up a delicious strawberry drink and this one looks incredible, especially with the addition of the cookies and sprinkles!

  11. Congrats Julie!!! Love this fun drink too!

  12. Congratulations Julie! You must be so happy to be done. There’s no way I would have the energy for all that. Maybe a kefir shake would give me some extra energy ;)
    Love that you combined the strawberry flavor with oreos. Yum!

  13. Yay, congratulations Julie!!! What a great achievement – so so happy for you :) This shake looks so pretty! Strawberries and cookies and cream sound delicious together!

    • Thank you, Kelly! I’m so glad to be finished with school! But it’s funny – I still catch myself thinking about what assignments I need to do for school. ;)

  14. These are so super cute, Julie! And I totally get what you mean about school – it’s a huge factor in why I pursued my masters in Holland (giant price cut). You might even find that by the time you can finance it, you don’t want/need it anymore.

    But in the meantime, shakes. Lot’s of em. Cause girl, these look good.

  15. I liked reading your story to this creation…reminds me of myself. Not the M.B.A. but M.A., and well, you got great taste in food. What kind of blender do you Ninja is on the fritz and looking for another, but not a Ninja, type-blender!
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Penny,

      I actually use a Ninja! LOL. But I do hear the Vitamix and Blendtech are good, too. Other than that, I don’t really know what to recommend. I didn’t have very good luck with my cheaper blenders as they never got everything super smooth like my Ninja does.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great week!