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Recipe Revamp: New Photos for Two Fan Favs

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! How was your long weekend? Mine was fantastic! I definitely could have gone for more days off but such is life.

I recently realized something…my one year blog anniversary (or blogiversary as it’s called in the blogging world) is coming up! June 6th will mark one year since I started my blog. Many of you who have been following since the beginning remember that I started out as Jam’s Corner. I soon realized that I wanted my main focus to be on food and I wanted a catchy blog name that would reflect that. Jam’s Corner just wasn’t cutting it. So I changed my name to This Gal Cooks. Pretty rad, isn’t it?

Anyways, enough about that. I’ll save the detail for my one year blogiversary post that I do. :)  So what I do want to share with you are the new pics of some old favorites. When I first started blogging, I used my iPhone to take my food photos. *gasp* It got the job done but the photos weren’t always appealing. I even had someone tell me that my photos sucked. That kind of sucked but I was like “oh well, I won’t let that stop me.” And I kept on blogging and I finally purchased a DSLR camera.

Over the weekend I made some of my favorite side dishes again (and they seem to be your favorite sides as well since the pageviews for these recipes is pretty fantastic!) so I snapped some photos with my DSLR. You can see two of the photos below but be sure to click on the links to go to the recipes so you can see all of the new photos. You can see the before photos below the new photos in this post.

Have a wonderful day!

BBQ Baked Beans

BBQ Baked Beans from 2wm


Cast Iron Buttermilk Cornbread

Cast Iron Buttermilk Cornbread from #cornbread #castironskillet wm


Before Pics

BBQ Baked Beans


Cast Iron Buttermilk Corn Bread

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30 comments on “Recipe Revamp: New Photos for Two Fan Favs”

  1. It’s amazing how your new photos make those delicious dishes look a hundred times more appetizing. Perhaps I should take more time to dress up dinner – will it taste better?

  2. Love the new pictures! Can’t believe how different they are! Happy (almost) blogiversary!

  3. your new photos look amazing! and it is lunch time and these are making me very very hungry!
    Thanks for sharing :D
    oh and I’m your newest follower!
    Keia @

  4. Those new photos are gorgeous, but no one should have told you the original ones sucked! How sad! I started with my iPhone too and wrote a whole post early on about how I didn’t have the time or interest to take fancy photos. I sure have changed my tune! I updated photos of two recipes this weekend too, but I just quietly replaced the photos. I’ve done that on several other recipes too. Eventually my terrible early photos will probably be gone completely ;)

  5. Huge difference, but we knew your food was great, now it’s looks amazing!!!

  6. The pics now are gorgeous! Happy Blogiversary on June 6th! :)

  7. Great pictures…. I’m glad you decided to stick with it! Wow – that means we met about a year ago! Congrats on your near milestone!

    • Hi Deb! Yes, it has been almost a year! You were one of my first bloggy friends. :) I still really can’t believe that I started blogging a year ago. Now I really have things to look at and say “wow, I made that how long ago?” LOL

  8. I love your blog name- and I love the new photos. Definitely have me drooling…

  9. Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn when you decide to? You have obviously been working hard at improving your photography skills and it shows!

    We had beans similar to this at my in-laws this weekend and between those and this recipe, I’m wanting to make my own…

  10. I love that you re made your recipes and took new pics! Isn’t it funny to go back and look to see how far we’ve come? I need to do this too. Great pics Julie!

  11. Happy almost blogiversary! That’s very exciting! The pictures are so different. I have been using the same camera the whole time I have been blogging, but my pictures have definitely improved leaps and bounds, though I am always trying to improve more!

  12. I love your new photos!! I so need to do that on SO. Many. Posts!

    • Thank you, Dorothy! Ha, I still have some more to do. I did get one recipe redone today so I will be doing more updating soon!

  13. Wow…those pictures are amazing! Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference a camera can make?

  14. Ohhhh old pictures! xD I have tons of yellow light food pictures that I used to take on top of dining room table (with yellow light) in the evening. I obviously didn’t know what “natural” light means and it has been fun journey to learn photography skills. Thanks for sharing the old pictures! Your new pictures are beautiful!

    • Thank you, Nami! It definitely has been a fun journey into photography. It’s amazing what good lighting and a good camera can do!

  15. Love Love LOVE that updated pictures. I really want to start doing this for my recipes too. Not that I’m ashamed of how far I’ve come, but because they’re bad. Like really bad and the recipes are so much better than that. Thanks for the inspiration!