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Favorite Appetizer Recipes from 2014

Today is the final day of 2014 so I’m sharing a collection of the Appetizer Recipes I shared on This Gal Cooks in 2014! Most of these recipes are super simple to make and would be a great addition to your NYE festivities!

My Favorite Appetizer Recipes of 2014 are perfect for your New Years Eve or Football Party Menu!

Happy New Years Eve!

Can you believe it’s almost 2015? How many times have you been asked that already? I’ve probably heard it and said it at least a dozen times this week. But it’s all good. We are creatures of habit, aren’t we?

What are your plans for tonight? We don’t do much. Because AMATEUR NIGHT! The roads are way too dangerous on NYE for us. So we stay at home, stuff our faces with appetizers (and maybe some grilling food tonight!) and have a few cocktails or beers. Exciting, isn’t it. MAYBE I will make it up until midnight tonight. True story – I almost always stay up until midnight but for some reason, NYE makes me tired and I often fall asleep early. But never fear! I usually am back up at midnight, thanks to our neighbors. They like to ring in the new year with fireworks. Which is fine. No workey for me tomorrow so it’s all good. In fact, after I leave work at 5ish today, I won’t be back in the office until Monday. Another nice little mini vacation calm before the storm. I work in accounting and year end/new year is always super busy.

So in honor of New Years Eve and all things appetizers, I’m sharing my Favorite Appetizer Recipes from 2014 with you. Which oddly enough, or not so odd, is all of the appetizers I shared this year. Because appetizers and me are the best pals ever and I could have them for dinner every night. I love them that much. ♥︎

Enjoy the recipes and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Favorite Appetizer Recipes of 2014

(in no particular order)

Hot Seafood Artichoke Dip

Hot Seafood Artichoke Dip

Cheesy Chipotle Shrimp & Corn Dip

The BEST Cheesy Chipotle Shrimp Dip you'll ever get your hands on! Perfect for game day!

Buffalo Chicken Salad Cups

Buffalo Chicken Salad Cups on This Gal Cooks

Cilantro Lime Chicken Nachos

Cilantro Lime Chicken Nachos: lime and blue tortilla chips are topped with cilantro lime grilled chicken, homemade cheese sauce, jalapeños and green onions. Simple but crazy good.

Cheesesteak Crescent Roll Cups

Cheesesteak Crescent Roll Cups | This Gal Cooks

Spicy Asian Chicken Meatballs

Spicy Asian Chicken Meatballs | This Gal Cooks #appetizer

Four Ingredient BBQ Chicken Crescent Rollups

Four Ingredient BBQ Chicken Roll Ups. A Simple Appetizer | This Gal Cooks

Curry Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

Flavorful bite sized Curry Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms are one of my FAVORITE appetizers! | This Gal Cooks

BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza (just use your favorite BBQ sauce in these)

BBQ Chicken Naan Pizzas with Malbec BBQ Sauce | This Gal Cooks

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos (you can also use leftover chicken or beef in these nachos)

pulled pork bbq nachos3

Thanks for reading This Gal Cooks in 2014 and Happy New Year to you!

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14 comments on “Favorite Appetizer Recipes from 2014”

  1. The pulled pork nachos… omg. I need those in my life!

    • You really do, Amanda! My boyfriend and I can eat an entire pan of them. We could probably eat more, too, but after eating all of those nachos, I’m way too lazy to make more. Haha. :)

  2. Thank you Julie and Happy New Year!

  3. Julie, love this round-up of apps!! that’s all we are going to be eating tonight. . love love love the Hot Seafood Artichoke Dip!!! and I know. . I am still in awe that 2014 is coming to an end!! crazy!!! we’ll be ringing in the new year at a friend’s house. . hope my kids can stay up just to do the countdown! :P Happy New Year!!!

    • Thanks Alice! I was surprised that I actually was able to stay up until 2AM! I haven’t done that in a long time. Hope you had a great New Years Eve and New Years Day. :)

  4. Hi Julie – These are tasty looking appetizers! Happy New Year!

  5. Ok, honestly, I can’t believe I havent seen those pulled pork nachos before (!) Happy merry everything to you, Julie! See you next year with more snacks in tow :)

    • I can’t either. You’ve gotta try them STAT! Seriously, my boyfriend and I can eat an entire pan of them in one sitting. SO good. Thanks for stopping by, Francesca. Happy New Year!

  6. These appetizers look absolutely amazing, Julie! I can’t believe how fast 2014 went by, hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Happy Happy New Year! xo

  7. So glad I found this! I have a long weekend (most people do, I hope?) and I’m feeling the need cheesy appetizers for a cozy night in! Can’t wait to try your Cheesy Chipotle Shrimp & Corn Dip! Delish!

    • I definitely had a long weekend (I work at a bank) and I know a few others who did as well! Glad you had a long weekend too. Hope you enjoy the Cheesy Chipotle Shrimp and Corn Dip, Michelle!