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Wonderful Snacking Tips & Giveaway

I’m excited and honored to have been selected to participate in a Wonderful Brands campaign on behalf of Clever Girls Collective! Why am I so excited? I happen to LOVE the Wonderful Brands Pistachios and Almonds! And, I get to share some Wonderful Snacking Tips with you!

Wonderful Snacking Tips from Learn how to snack healthy, create your own snacks and get info on the delicious Wonderful Brands snacks!

After being selected for this campaign, I received a smashing little box of goodies filled with Wonderful Brands pistachios, almonds, almond slivers, a beach bag and a beach towel. And you’re in luck. You can enter to win one of these fantastic prize packs in the giveaway below! We will get to that in just a moment.

Wonderful Snacking Tips from Learn how to snack healthy, create your own snacks and get info on the delicious Wonderful Brands snacks!

WIN ME! Details on how to enter are at the bottom of this post.

So let’s talk about snacking. What are some of your favorite foods to snack on? I happen to love cookies, candies and CHEESE but I can’t, and won’t, allow myself to snack on those unhealthy foods all of the time. Luckily, there are a lot of delicious, budget friendly healthy foods to snack on, including but definitely not limited to cucumbers, green and red peppers, whole grain crackers, granola, fresh fruit and nuts.

Wonderful Snacking Tips from Learn how to snack healthy, create your own snacks and get info on the delicious Wonderful Brands snacks!

I usually try to pack a healthy snack in my lunch box each day so I am not tempted to hit up the vending machine. Hitting up the vending machine ALWAYS results in me stuffing my face with M&Ms or chips. We all know how dangerous that can be, right? Besides snacking at work, I usually end up snacking on stuff on the weekend, such as when I watch a movie or a football game, or when I go on vacation. For some reason, vacations always induce the urge to snack. It probably has something to do with me skipping lunch to save room for the big, delicious dinner that I know I will have. After all, vacation time = eating a ton of good food time.

So what can you do to make sure your snacks are full of budget friendly, healthy goodness?

  • Create your own snack packs using nuts, dried fruits and sunflower seeds. Just toss the ingredients together in a bowl and then place in individual mini snack bags.
  • Make your own granola. It’s easy to do. You can use almonds (Wonderful Almond Accents work well), pecans, dried fruit, dark chocolate chunks or chips and honey or maple syrup to sweeten it. It’s much healthier than the store bought stuff!
  • Slice or chop veggies and put them in little containers or mini snack bags. Throw in a small container of hummus or light ranch dip if you like to dunk your veggies in something flavorful.
  • Buy fresh fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries while they are on sale (you can freeze them if you need to.) Dice strawberries and make your own Fruit & Yogurt parfaits using granola and fat free Greek yougurt. Don’t want yogurt? Make little snack packs with the fruit!
  • Pack your lunchbox with Wonderful Brands Pistachios and/or Almonds!

Giveaway Information!

So, about that giveaway…how would you like to win your very own Wonderful Brands Prize Pack? One This Gal Cooks reader will be chosen at random, via a number generator, to win one of these prize packs.

  • All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know what types of healthy snacks you would make with the contents of your prize pack.
  • Prize pack inclueds three indivudual packages of pistachios, two individual packages of almonds, two packages of almond accents, a Wonderful Brands beach tote and a Wonderful Brands beach towel.
  • Winner will be chosen on August 3rd and notified shortly thereafter.

Good luck and happy snacking!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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44 comments on “Wonderful Snacking Tips & Giveaway”

  1. For some reason, I always associate nuts with salads! So I guess that I would create some yummy salads and probably some granola for parfaits :) I like the new header by the way! ;)

  2. I just learned to make spicy peanut sauce for meat and chicken… I’ll do that!!
    Healthy and full of proteins :P

    So… grilled meat on the backyard, taking some sun laying on the towel and munching on some nuts while lunch is ready!! :)

  3. I just like to eat the pistachios, by themselves, as a snack =)

  4. I would more than likely make homemade granola. :) Although, I also love the idea of salads!

  5. Oh my goodness-great prize pack! I would ground the pistachios in my food processor and use them to make chicken fingers. It’s so good (I’ve done it many times)! I’d also toss the almonds and pistachios together and just snack on them all day long!

  6. I would eat the pistachios right out of the bag, the almonds I would put on my mandarine orange salad!

  7. I would eat the almonds with fruit as a snack and I would use the accents to make a shrimp salad!!

  8. Great giveaway Julie! I’ve been meaning to make almond granola bars for snacking while at work and these almonds would be perfect for that.

  9. I would use the almonds in a spinach salad, and eat the pistachios, yum!

  10. We absolutely LOVE nuts around here. The whole family and especially my Husband. Since he loves pistachios so much, I would probably make a pistachio ice cream – which isn’t super healthy, but it’s delicious. Otherwise, we just eat Wonderful nuts right out of the bag!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. I think I’d add the nuts to a banana bread, although my first thought is to go a little less healthy and make a pistachio ice cream!

  12. Iwould eat the nuts in a yogurt parfait. The accepts would goperfectly in my favorite arugala salad. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. I love them straight up or in a salad. I also love baking cakes and muffins using nuts.

  14. Definitely my new thing is ice cream. I am just learning how to make it. I would add the lovely nuts to ice cream.

  15. I would make granola bars. I’d also make parfaits using greek yogurt and sprinkle granola and the nuts over the parfaits

  16. I have been eyeing a savory cheesecake recipe-it is an appetizer and looks like it might be great for the upcoming Holidays!
    Pistachios go in the crust-sounds so yummy!
    Great giveaway, Julie!
    Happy Hugs,

  17. oh this is great! If I won I would use those almonds to top salads with grilled chicken, blueberries, strawberries and a delicious vinaigrette! The pistachios would make some yummy biscotti!

  18. Hi Julie! I love nuts – my mother was like a little pistachio addict when I was growing up – she tried to hide them from us so she wouldn’t have to share, lol, but she always had those red ones and of course, the red fingers were a dead giveaway! I like to add dried cranberries and raisins, and that’s what I would do with the packages of nuts. Though I would totally share them! :) Thanks for the giveway and the great healthy snack tips!

    • I used to be more picky about nuts (hated walnuts and almonds) but now I like both! I’d have to say that pecans, pistachios and cashews are my favorite types!

      Thanks for stopping by and congrats on winning the giveaway!

  19. This would be perfect ingredients to make a fresh summer salad. How refreshing!

  20. Love this giveaway, Julie! Nuts are my go-to healthy snacks. I love adding them to granola, trail mix, or roast them with herbs.


  21. I’d put them in granola bars!

  22. Oh I would plan to make something absolutely wonderful with them…that’s for certain!! …And when they arrived, I would be so excited that I would immediately tear into the package and “taste” every single bit of them!! I really would have had the very best of intentions :)

  23. Pistachios I would share with my DD right out of the bag. With the almonds and accents, I think on a salad, though, if you had said unhealthy snack, I think I would have made some almond chocolate bark.

  24. My hubby has been asking me to make him homemade granola as he eats it every day for breakfast in his yogurt, so I’d probably make that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I would pack up my beach towel and tote and head to the beach where I WOULD SNACK ON ALL THE NUTS!!

  26. I would add chopped almonds to my oatmeal along with some fresh blue berries and some bananas, yum!

  27. I’d have to eat everything as it is – YUM! My boys and I love all types of nuts as a snack!!

  28. I would eat the pistachios just plain because they’re so good, and I’d probably use the almonds in salads and in a nut/fruit mixture or maybe I’d try granola. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  29. I like to add pistachios and a little dark chocolate to my popcorn! and congrats on the Wonderful campaign … I’m jelly ;)

  30. Ooh I’d love to add some nuts to my salad, or make a yummy trail mix!

  31. Trail mix or granola probably we love snacking on healthy fruits and nuts at my house!

  32. I’m guilty! Cookies, cheeses and chocolate bars are my kind of snacks but I try to eat them only in moderation. I do try to snack a bit healthily with fresh fruits, nuts and yogurts. Great giveaway and snacking tips! :)

  33. I would make some yummy granola! I would love the beach towel and beach bag too!