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Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos

Use up your leftover meat from those summertime BBQs and make these easy Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos. Ready to devour in under 20 minutes!

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos by This Gal Cooks

These Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos are crazy good.

I made these with some leftover pulled pork from a BBQ day we had done a couple days prior. If you love BBQ, you’ll love these. If you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ ways to eat pulled pork (sandwich, on a plate with sides) MAKE THESE! Your loads of BBQ pulled pork leftovers are great for making NACHOS!

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos by This Gal Cooks


Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos by This Gal CooksPulled Pork BBQ Nachos

When I’m too lazy to make cheese sauce, I use plane ole shredded cheese on my nachos. I made these Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos after a long day at work so I was too lazy to make cheese sauce. I used my favorite type of shredded cheese – Sargento 4 State Cheddar. Sargento didn’t pay me to say that. I really do love their cheese. And I usually always buy the Sargento brand, even when it isn’t on sale and is close to $5 per bag. That’s how darn good it is!

Here’s the secret to great nachos: layering. When you layer your nachos, all of the goodies are evenly distributed amongst the chips. I like to do a layer of chips on the bottom of my pan, followed by layers of all of the toppings. After the topping layers, I add another layer of chips and repeat the layering of toppings process. Every chip has some of the topping on it, which means that every bite you take is filled with cheese, jalapenos, pulled pork and/or BBQ sauce. Pretty freakin’ genius, isn’t it?

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos

Yield: 4-6
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 4-5 C of tortilla chips. I used a mixture of Late July Blue Corn and Sweet Potato chips
  • 2 C shredded cheese, plus more if you like your nachos extra cheesy.
  • 1-2 C of pulled pork. We used leftovers from our BBQ day.
  • 1/3 C sliced jalapeños
  • 2 tbsp sliced green onion
  • 1/4 C of your favorite BBQ sauce, plus more for dipping
  • Chopped fresh cilantro for garnish
  • Your favorite condiments for dipping. I used sour cream, extra BBQ sauce and hot sauce.


  1. Line a 1.5 qt baking dish with enough chips to cover the bottoms and up the sides (see photos of the nachos for an example for placing the chips up the side)
  2. Add a layer of pulled pork, jalapeño, BBQ sauce and cheese. Top with the remaining chips, the remaining pulled pork, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. Then top with the remaining cheese.
  3. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven and top with the green onions and cilantro.
  4. Serve with your favorite condiments


Serves 4-6, depending on how hungry you are.


pulled pork bbq nachos2wm


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31 comments on “Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos”

  1. I love nacho’s & I bet these are so good. I also love pork but it gives me a migraine so I try to steer clear of it but I think this is going to have to happen.

  2. Good for you going meatless, Julie! I try to eat less and pile on the fruits and veggies more, and that works for me. I am a huge seafood fan, too. :) I do love pulled pork, and these nachos look incredible! This is a terrific way to use up leftovers for sure!

    • Thanks, Marcie! I actually ended up eating some chicken last night so the meatless thing didn’t last long. But I still haven’t eaten pork or beef. I can do without those meats. :)

      Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. I love that layering tip – I’m sure it does make these nachos extra amazing! They look terrific!
    I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I’d sure love to give these a try! xx

  4. Wow, I don’t think I would be able to resist these nachos! I’m excited to read more about your quest to eat meat-free. I love fish too!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, Julie!

    • Thanks, Ashley! I actually decided to eat some chicken last night. Chicken has always been the thing that has been hard for me to give up. The beef and pork, not so much. I don’t really want those meats all the time anyways.

      Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  5. Love how you layered these, this sounds amazing! Nacho heaven:)

  6. Layering is key indeed!! I love how you layered here. I don;t eat pork and I am tempted with these nachos.

  7. OH… that sounds aamazing Julie! Love pulled pork and BBQ sauce… turn them into nachos and you have one delicious dish!

  8. I freaking adore pulled pork. I’m not a huge meat person but I can NOT turn down pulled pork, especially when it involves BBQ! I should’ve known you would take it to the next level – nachos is genius! Finger licking good! Oh, and your photos are gorgeous!

  9. Wow, I need this like NOW!! These look absolutely divine, Nachos are like my all time favourite, I could live off of them, love new recipes with different toppings :)

  10. Pulled pork just by itself has been on my things to make bucket list for ages now already (need to just get around to it!!) but my mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious it would be on nachos. I love your ‘layering’ idea, too. It reminds me of something I saw the famous chef Marco Pierre White do on Aussie TV last week. He said that the best way to make a carbonara was to layer up the parmesan, bacon and spaghetti so that there was more flavour in every bite. So I think you’re on to a winner with this idea, Julie! ;-)

    • Thank you, Helen! Yes, I think the layering method is great for so many dishes. I can see how it would be perfect for a carbonara as well!

      Thank you for stopping by, Helen. Hope you have a great week. :)

  11. I just had pulled pork sandwiches a couple of weeks ago. Now I am so into pulled pork. It’s a natural for nachos. Wow that almost sounds like a jingle. What a great idea.

  12. Awesome flavors in these nachos Julie! I don’t eat meat, but I do cook it and I do taste everything that I make (gotta make sure it tastes good), and I always tell my husband that the one meat that might convert me back is pork!

  13. Love how you layered these Julie – looks amazing! We are huge nacho fans and wouldn’t be able to stop snacking on these beauties!

  14. BBQ Pork Nachos are my favorite! These look absolutely incredible. My 14-year old daughter became a vegetarian over a year ago and she has not had one bite of meat since then. It helps that there are so many more food products easily available than there were years ago. She loves quinoa which helps her get some protein.

  15. These look so yummy, I sometimes make mexican nachos as an easy meal. But I never thought to do it with the pulled pork- great idea! Love the layering technique- I hate getting a naked chip :)

  16. this sounds so good, gonna have this tonight, thanks for sharing.


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