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Marvelous Mondays Link Party 77

Good evening and welcome to Marvelous Mondays Link Party 77. We hope you had a fantastic week.  How’s the weather where you are? It’s been hot here in south Florida. I wish it would cool down a bit!

What have fellow host Deb and I been up to this week?

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Deb Shared these Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Deb Shared these Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies


I shared these Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

I shared these Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies


Our Most viewed link was these Twix Cookie Bars by My Cookie Clinic

Our Most viewed link was these Twix Cookie Bars by My Cookie Clinic


One of my favs was these Gingerbread Cupcakes by Sweet Bella Roos

One of my favs was these Gingerbread Cupcakes by Sweet Bella Roos


School. Is. Done. For the semester, anyways. Next semester is supposed to be my last semester. But I am starting to think that I should take the 6 credit  final capstone course by itself rather than with two other classes. This semester was pretty hectic. My full time job, my second full time job (this blog) and three classes juggled at the same time was a little cray cray, if you ask me. But, I’d really like to graduate in May. So I have a decision to make by the drop/add date in January.

How was your week? Can you believe that Christmas is only 12 days away? I guess we can all start singing the 12 Days of Christmas now, eh? Actually, want to know a little secret? I pretty much loathe Christmas music. There is some that I enjoy but the typical Christmas music that is played over and over and over again every day from Thanksgiving (and sometimes before) until Christmas day drives me nuts! Am I the only one that feels this way about Christmas music?


Marvelous Mondays Link Party #66 is now live! Link up until Wednesday, October 2nd!

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40 comments on “Marvelous Mondays Link Party 77”

  1. Congratulations on finishing the semester!!
    Definitely make the ability judgement, don’t overload yourself!! Good luck, Julie :)
    Thank you for the party!

  2. Thanks for another awesome party! Hope your holidays are great!

  3. It is great that you have completed your semester Julie! I hope whatever decision you make for the future will work out very well for you. I don’t like hearing Christmas music too early. I prefer them when Christmas is near and like the more modern ones. I have been enjoying some CDs that I am listening to for the first time. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  4. Thank you for the link party Julie!! Have a great week!

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  7. Thank you Julie for hosting another great link party. I look forward to it every week!

    Raven J. True Blue Baking

  8. Thanks for the great party ladies, always a fun Sunday night event. :)

    Julie, totally do what’s best for you. I can see the plus side in trying to finish next semester but with a crazy work schedule and striving to grow your second business {this blog} I can see waiting too. :) Your a smart girl and I know you will make the perfect choice for you, and your MAN will support it. :)

    • You’re welcome, Krista! And thank you for the kind words! I know, I don’t want to go crazy with the work load! And yes, Ken is supportive of whatever I choose to do! When I told him I may not graduate until August if I decide to wait to take that class he was like well, it’s only until August. That’s not that much longer! I’m so glad he is supportive of the blog stuff too. He never complains about me working on blog stuff. Ha, he actually comes up with some suggestions sometimes.

      Hope you have a great week, Krista! :)

  9. Julie, Thanks for hosting MM. I enjoyed your post and can imagine your dilemna. You’ll figure it all out and you should be proud of all your accomplishments. Enjoy the holiday season. Joan

  10. Thanks for hosting, Julie! Have a great week! :)

  11. Thanks for the party! Have a super week!! I hope you enjoy the time off between semesters!

  12. Thanks for hosting another great party Julie! Have a stellar week! :)

  13. Your life sounds super crazy, Julie!! Hope you are able to slow down and enjoy the holidays……and seriously…..too hot!? It’s like 4 degrees here! I can’t even imagine! :)

  14. As usual, thanks so much for hosting this great party, Julie!

  15. Thanks Julie for all the recipe links!

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  17. Hi guys,
    I’ve been participating in your link parties for a couple of weeks now. I really enjoy them, thanks so much for hosting! It’s a great way to meet all you bloggers out there and there are some really great ideas out there! I’m currently living in China so traditional social media is out for me-at least for another couple of weeks here, so I’ve just started following you on Pinterest if that’s okay with you!
    Happy almost holidays!

    • Hi Chris!
      Thanks so much for stopping by again. I’m glad that this party is helping you to meet other bloggers! I hope you enjoy your week. And thanks for the Pinterest follow. :)

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  19. Thank you for hosting Julie!

  20. Hi Julie! I’m a newcomer to your party and I look forward to participating. I’ll be following you on Pinterest and Facebook for sure as well as your RSS feed! Going to school, working AND blogging? I don’t know how you did it? For people that don’t write a blog but just follow, they don’t have any idea how time consuming a process it is – great fun – but it is a full time job in itself. Hats off to you for juggling it all!

    • Ha, sometimes I do not know how I do it! You are definitely right about blogging being a full time job. It takes a lot of work to build and maintain a blog.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Tina. Have a lovely week. :)

  21. Thank you for hosting the party! I already follow all the hosts and enjoy your pin boards :) Studying and working is not an easy task – you really have to work hard in order to organise and combine everything together! if it were me, I would probably go for it and work hard in order to complete everything by May — but think about it, you know better than anybody how your schedule is! Good Luck with everything! Daniela

    • Hi Daniela,
      You are very welcome. Thank you for joining us each week! I think what I am going to do is see what the course load looks like with all of the classes. If I think I can do it, I will go for it. If I don’t, I will drop the final course before the refund deadline date and then take it during the summer.

      Have a lovely week! :)

  22. Thank you for the party Julie! Happy holidays! Is your link party still on for next week?

  23. Yay! It’s finally December! Happy Holidays!! Thank you for hosting this great party. We love your blog!!
    ~~ Seasons Greetings,

    Sharon, Denise & Aubrie

  24. Love all the festive links! Thanks so much for hosting. Enjoy your semester break!

  25. Thanks for the party! Hope you have a great week!

  26. Thanks so much for hosting today’s party! So glad to be here linking up my shortbread treats I made for my piano students :)

    Have a great week!

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough

  27. Yay for being done school for this semester Julie :) Thanks again for hosting and hope you have a great week :)

  28. Thanks for hosting Julie! BTW, I’m all over the Twix Bars!

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