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Lemon Liquor: Spiked! Recipe Challenge

Come get your creative recipe juice on with this month’s Spiked! Recipe Challenge. This month’s secret ingredient: Lemon Liquor.

Lemon Liquor: Spiked! Recipe Challenge on This Gal CooksMoody lemon liquor. Or Limoncello, if we want to get all technical and stuff. But don’t ya love this moody shot I took of this tasty little bottle of Limoncello?

In case you’re new to the Spiked! Recipe Challenge, here’s the scoop: Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama and I love to cook with booze. So we decided to start a boozy recipe challenge with select boozy ingredients for each challenge. Since this month’s challenge falls right around the beginning of spring, we thought lemon liquor was a perfect choice.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty rules and stuff.

Spiked Recipe Challenge: Chocolate Liquor

See that button right up there? We ask that you include that button, along with links back to both of our blogs, in order to qualify your entry in the challenge. Pretty easy, eh?

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  • It’s easy to sign up for this challenge. Just enter your blog’s homepage into the linky at the end of this post. Don’t forget to include your email address. You wouldn’t want to miss out on important updates for the challenge, would you?
  • Recipes used for inspiration are cool, recipes copied word for word are not. We don’t mind if you use a recipe as inspiration but be sure that you make that recipe your own in some way. And remember to cite your source correctly! A link back to the site you got your recipe inspiration from or proper citation of the cookbook or magazine used is always considered a win in my book.
  • You may only submit one recipe and that one recipe must feature the beverage of choice. As mentioned above, this month’s ingredient is lemon liquor. You must cook or bake with the ingredient – no drink recipes!
  • The recipe link up will go live on April 18, 2014. You will have until April 20, 2014 to link up your recipes. Anything added past that date won’t be eligible to win.
  • All recipes will be judged by Carrie and I. We’ll announce the winner one week after the entry submissions close. The winner will be notified by email and announced on our blogs.

What will the winner win? This fancy little recipe book: Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits. {choice of paperback or Kindle edition}

recipe book

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Good luck and happy cooking!

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5 comments on “Lemon Liquor: Spiked! Recipe Challenge”

  1. I just bought a brand new bottle of Caravella last week!! This should be fun. :)

  2. Now, if I can’t find Caravella in Canada is it alright if I use a different liquor as long as it’s lemon flavoured?

  3. Glad I could sign up! I thought I might have missed this while I was on vacation… I have 2 bottles – one from a friend that is homemade and one from the store… need to get thinking!