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Over 15 Best Pumpkin Recipes

Good morning! I’m pleased to have teamed up with 17 of my favorite blogging gals to bring you this fabulous roundup of¬†Over 15 Best¬†Pumpkin Recipes! You’ll find savory and sweet recipes in this collection!

Over 15 Best Pumpkin Recipes on This Gal Cooks

17 Pumpkin Recipes: A Very Pumpkin Birthday. From www.thisgalcooks and friends!


So guess what today is? It’s mah birthday! And I’m not ashamed to say it: I’m 32 years old today! But I sure don’t feel like I’m 32. Not that 32 is old. I happen to think it’s pretty young. Especially when you look at the age that most people live to now-a-days.

I wanted to do something fun for my birthday in the blogging world. I wasn’t up for doing another giveaway. I wanted to do something more creative and fun than a giveaway. Most of my blogging gal friends love to cook and/or bake. Since my birthday falls two days after the beginning of Fall I knew a pumpkin recipe party would be perfect!

You can check out all of their fabulous recipes below. Be sure to pin directly from their posts if you want to share their individual recipes. Pin from my post to save the entire collection!

Here’s one of my most recent pumpkin recipes to get you started.

Pumpkin Swirl Pancakes with Pumpkin Butter Topping from #pancakes #breakfast #pumpkin


17 Pumpkin Recipes

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49 comments on “Over 15 Best Pumpkin Recipes”

  1. Happy Birthday, Julie!! And yes, 32 is not old! But I know what you mean by not “feeling” like you are. I felt the same way when I turned 30. What a creative and fun idea..mmmm….pumpkin. Hope you have an awesome day! ;)

    • Thank you, Min! It was a pretty good birthday despite having to work! We went to a nice place for dinner and then enjoyed a couple craft beers! YUM! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Julie! It was so much fun helping you celebrate your special day with a big pumpkin extravaganza! :) Can’t wait to check out all of the recipe! Have a wonderful and fantastic birthday and hope this year is one of your best! Thanks for inviting me to the party – off to jump into the pumpkin patch of recipes!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a patch of great recipes :-). Hope you have a wonderful day!! Happy to help you celebrate!

  4. Happy BIrthday Julie! A pumpkin party is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Julie! Thanks so much for inviting me to your party! I can’t believe the collection of recipes everyone came up with here. I’m going to pin them all! Have great day (and sorry you have to work)!

  6. Happy Birthday Julie!! Love the idea of a pumpkin party!!

  7. Happy Birthday Julie! 32 is not old at all, don’t they say 30 is the new 20!? hehe Loving on the Pumpkin Recipes today, pinned a bunch and definitely going to have to try soon. P.S. your pumpkin pancakes look incredible. So pretty and beautiful pics, but then again, should I expect anything less! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Julie!! This pumpkin party is a wonderful idea!! SO many delicious sweet and savory dishes. May you have many many many more happy pumpkin filled years to come :)

    • Thank you so much, Zainab! I love all of these pumpkin treats. It’s pretty awesome that my birthday falls right around the first day of fall. I can’t complain about that. :)

  9. Happy Birthday Julie ! Have a wonderful day ! Having a pumpkin party is such a wonderful idea . loving the recipes.

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday…to you…(I’m singing!) Cheers, my friend!

  11. Happy Birthday Julie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and you get lots of awesome presents ;-) All those recipes look amazing too! x

  12. Happy Birthday Julie! Love all the pumpkin! :)

  13. I love all these yummy fall pumpkin treats! Happy birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday Julie! Hope your day has been filled to the brim with blessings! If your birthday is anything like this Pumpkin party, it should be the bomb!

  15. Happy Birthday to you!! I envy you having a birthday in the Fall! So much good food and things to do. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the fabulous recipes….pinned on my Pumpkin! board!

  16. One day I may be 32, right now I’m staying at 29 a couple more years :) Happy bd this is a great blogging way to celebrate!

  17. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day and loved all things pumpkin!! :)

  18. HOLLA at me September Babies! We are the best! And what better way to celebrate than with Pumpkin!

  19. Just mouthwatering….looks delicious!

  20. Happy Happy Happy Birthday !!! Let’s see family, friends, great recipes – yep the list is complete – it’s time to celebrate !!! I’m 52 and I promise you life gets better and better and with the wonderful treasury of recipes you have – why that’s good enough reason to celebrate anytime, anywhere but especially if there’s a Birthday !!!
    Gotta split – there’s a fresh pumpkin waiting to turn into something yummy !!!

  21. Happy Birthday Julie!!! :) Pumpkin is a great theme! I hope Ken is doing something fun for your birthday. xo

    • Hi Anne! Thank you! We went out to dinner at one of our local restaurants that serves top notch food. It was so good! A great place to dine on a birthday. :) Hope you are having a great week!

  22. Happy belated, Julie! Giving away loads of great pumpkin recipes is a great giveaway! This was a terrific idea, and 32 isn’t old, especially compared to me. lol Hope you had a great birthday!

    • Thank you, Marcie! I love pumpkin recipes so much! It’s so fun to make baked goodies with it but now I have to try that pumpkin chili from Cooking on the Front Burner. It looks so good! Have a wonderful evening, Marcie!

  23. Thanks for letting me help celebrate your birthday Julie! Your dinner Instagram looked awesome, hope it was a happy day!

  24. Hi Julie and happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great day for you!
    These recipes look fantastic, and I have plenty of pumpkin in my cupboard.

  25. Belated Birthday wishes!
    These waffles looks so darn good.